Who's Ready For Some Booty Gains?

Has your booty started to droop or flatten? Has age, poor diet or a lack of effective exercise made the booty that you once had only a distant memory? Maybe you just want to tone and strengthen your backside in order to feel more confident in your body. Whatever the reason may be, having the tools you need to build a bettEr booty is just a click away. This program is the jumpstart that you need to help you build a booty that you can be proud of!

Join me in a 28 day fitness journey where we will target ALL the muscles of the glutes in a fun and effective format. By using different fitness methods like barre, hiit, sculpt and low impact floor work, this program attacks the glutes at every angle, creating major change in our muscles.

I've created 7 unique videos that we will work through during this 4 week program. At the start of each new week- we will repeat those 7 videos (one for each day of the week) until we have reached day 28! I will be coaching you through the process of sculpting your booty in each video and as the weeks go by the goal is see and feel the change in our backsides! The videos are around 20 minutes and require absolutely no equipment! Get started anytime, anywhere!

This is truly a unique approach for toning and lifting our backsides. With a combination of high intensity exercise, low impact sculpting drills and targeted training to pinpoint those hard to reach muscles, The Booty BurnEr Program will take your booty to the next level!

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